Our Services

The services delivered by EIG fall within three business areas, namely: Event Services, Travel Operations and Destination Management.


Event Services

We deliver experiences with industry leading levels of service.  From concept design and development through to detailed programme delivery, our experienced in-house event teams offer a tailored service, ensuring exceptional quality and measurable results. 


Creative Design

Outstanding client engagement starts with a clear understanding of brand and event objectives.  Key messages and creative touch points can then be integrated into the event experience to ensure positive associations have a lasting impact.


Hospitality Management

Face-to-face marketing can deliver exponentially more return on investment than some other forms of marketing engagement. Whether creating from scratch the right environment to host customers or gaining access to world renowned events, EIG is a market leader in hospitality delivery.


Travel Operations

EIG has long-standing expertise in event logistics and travel solutions, with meticulous planning of itineraries followed by careful execution.  We manage thousands of flights and tour programmes each year for all customer groups, repeatedly delivering on time and on budget to exceed expectations.


Digital Solutions

Digital solutions have become integral to events in order to build anticipation and prolong their impact. Intelligent use of technology throughout the event life cycle can add value for audiences and augment their experience before, during and after.


Destination Management

A combination of unique local knowledge and flawless detailed event delivery is the difference between getting the job done and delivering excellence. Understanding what message a brand client needs to convey and how they want to engage the audience, is the hallmark of EIG’s destination service delivery.